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Web development

You can't afford not to be on the web. With Web Development, you will gain an edge over your competitors by focusing on what's really important: Your customers. Whether it's a chatbot, a website or an app, every business needs to be on the web to stay alive.

Game development

The video-games market is one of the most interesting markets, and financially is the largest of all the markets. The video-games market has been growing steadily in recent years and is expected to continue to do so. There are now more than a billion people playing games every day.

Game design

Game designers compile all the elements of a game then design its rules, scenarios, characters, levels and many details that "come to life" to create an entertaining experience.


I am not just a developer, i'm also a consultant who help with the whole process of product development, including identification and qualification of technical needs and research for solutions.


APIs are the digital tools that power the internet-everything from your favorite websites to devices like your Fitbit and Amazon Echo. There's an API for just about everything you could imagine.


With comprehensive DevOps automation, your team can focus on delivering code of great quality, at a prodigious speed. With a CI/CD pipeline, you can deliver your code with confidence and assurance.


Find yourself someone who wants to be your friend and help you become successful. They'll listen to you and give great advice on how to build your business or grow.


Performance problems left unresolved can really hurt your website traffic or customer experience. Not to mention, they could lead to big financial losses that'll make this decision much harder to swallow. To avoid that long and winding road, I provide actionable data and tools to find exactly what's slowing down your site, as well as specific recommendations based on your unique project.


Web security is the process of protecting a company's computer networks and resources from damage or unauthorized access. This can be achieved through a variety of means, but the main focus is on the different types of attacks that can occur.